Traction Bar Hardware Kit – Beside Frame Mounts w/ #601028 Blind Bolt Kit



#101021 – Beside the Frame Mount Option for Traction Bar Systems

This mount is beside the outside of the frame it is also centered on the bottom flange so it has the highest ground clearance on the market. If your leaf springs are on the outside of the frame this is most likely the bracket you’re going to use.

  • This item includes the Blind Bolt Kit (SKU# 601028) for a speedy installation.
  • If you have a Dodge Gen4 truck with amp steps you should run the 101022 so that the amp steps clear the frame mount, 101025 for closed frame.
  • If you have an F150, Toyota or other vehicle where the leaf springs are underneath the frame you want to run the part number 101022 under frame mount, 101025 if closed frame.

These Frame Mounts install easily to the frame and provide a pivot point and mount beside the truck frame for OUO Traction Bars. Includes Mounts and necessary installation hardware. Traction Bars and Traction Blocks or Axle Mounts and Lift Blocks Sold Separately for easy customization.

Width:12.00 (in)
Height:12.00 (in)
Depth:12.00 (in)

Additional information

Weight 26.00 kg


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