Short Gusset Traction Bars



#101010 Short Gusset Traction Bars – *Traction Bars Only*

*Block or Axle Mounts and Frame Mounts Sold Separately. Mounting hardware included in OUO Frame Mount Kits or available to purchase seperatly.

Our traction bars usually don’t fit with oversized fuel tanks.

  • OUO Short Gusset Traction Bars are part of our Rear Traction Kit
  • Smaller, sleek gusset for stealthy, low profile look
  • Compliments lowered or medium height lifts perfectly
  • Mix and Match these bars with Traction Blocks or Axle Mounts and Lift Blocks along with different Frame Mount options to meet your needs and make your truck work and look just like you want
  • These bars are adaptable length, not to be confused with adjustable. Their patented adaptability allows them to fit on any truck.
  • Must purchase Frame Mounts (101020, 101022, or 101024) and a Traction Bar or Axle Bar Mount and optional Lift Block to attach these bars to the frame of your truck.
  • If you are moving your bars to another truck or purchasing a replacement set of bars, you may need replacement installation hardware. See Kit #601015 and Kit#601093 or #601122.


These bars install at as little as 50 inches and as long as 84 inches so the installer / end-user / customer can choose where they want to install the bar on the frame. If you have a fuel filter on your frame, a step bracket, or something else that might be in the way you can simply move the frame mount to fit around it.

Width:10.00 (in)
Height:10.00 (in)
Depth:53.00 (in)

Additional information

Weight 49.00 kg


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