Shock Mount Extender, 2.5in or 3.25in



OUO Rear Shock Mount Extender
Kit Stock # 601043

This item is used moved the shock away from the axle to gain clearance between the shock body and bump stop mounts.

9″ & 10″  8 Degree Traction Blocks have a large bump stop pad to mount airbags, these pads get really close to the shock.  #601043 can be used on the driver and passenger side. Drilling is required. Not packaged as a pair, 1 shock mount per box because you usually only need one.

This is a universal part that can offset the shock 2-1/2in or 3-1/4in away from the axle. These parts come beautifully powder coated satin black. The powder coating is done in one of the best shops in the northwest. Each part gets sand blasted and dipped in phosphate on a production automated coating system to be sure it is the best coating we can possibly produce.   Every part is hand inspected before and after powder coating to be sure the part meets out high quality standards. After the part passes inspection it is individually wrapped in high quality packaging and boxed to be sure it arrives unmarred.


2005+ Ford Superduty and newer rear axles.

Width:4.00 (in)
Height:3.00 (in)
Depth:6.00 (in)

Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg


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