Rear Upper Shock Mounts, 2017+ Super Duty



#105089 – Rear Upper Shock Mounts, 2017+

2017+ Super Duty

If you are using a shock that is designed to slide over the factory Superduty 5/8” x 1.480” frame stud, use part number Fox 213-27-002-b. This will work in any brand of shock with the OUO rear shock mounts

OUO rear shock Mounts benefits:

  • Removes the load from the upper factory single shear spot welded shock mount stud that can shear off the frame
  • Upgrades shock mounting to double shear and spreads the load to 2 places on the frame
  • Moves the top of the shock away from the frame to gain clearance for larger body shocks
  • Increases the shock angle to help make the shock valve softer

Additional information

Weight 13.00 kg


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