Radius Arm Frame Brackets, 0-1.5in Lift, 1999-2016



#105015 Radius Arm Frame Brackets 1999-2016, 0-1.5in Lift  

The design is stronger and the metal is thicker than the factory parts.

  • 2005+ and newer factory frame brackets do not bolt right on the 2004 and older frames because the holes don’t line up. When using factory 2005 brackets on a 1999 to 2004 Ford frame you either need to space down the factory bracket or re-drill the holes, and neither one of those options is convenient or strong.
  • With these OUO brackets the radius arm is moved towards the center of the truck giving you more clearance for taller tires. They have a cross member brace to help strengthen the frame. Brackets work at zero to 1.5in of lift.
  • All stock 2005+ components work at stock ride height when doing 2005+ axle conversions
Width:12.00 (in)
Height:12.00 (in)
Depth:36.00 (in)

Additional information

Weight 54.00 kg


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