Fender Mount Mud Flap Kit



#101581 – Fender Mount Mud Flap Kit

This is a universal kit designed to fit most trucks.
there are no holes in it so that you can drill holes where you need.
This part could hit your exhaust depending on that exhaust you have.
So will it fit your truck is the big question, it could or it could not.It might fit in one spot, but not where you like how it looks, but it could fit in another spot and fit just perfect, it is kind of a trial and error to see if it is exactly what you want. There is no way for us to know on your truck with your tire and your wheel with your lift type how this will look or if you will like it.

Weight:9 LBS L:17 (in)  W:14 (in)  H:5 (in)

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Weight 9.00 kg


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