Coil Levelers, Adjustable 2.5in, 2005+ Ford SD



#105020 – Adjustable Coil Levelers™ (ACL)*

*Only fits 4×4, will NOT fit 2×4/RWD

One Up Offroad – Bringing innovation to the mainstream

    • Built on the platform of adjustability – Like all of One Up Offroad’s kits, the ACL is designed to suit your ever changing needs
    • 0in to 2.5in of height adjustment, identical to a coilover
      • Versatility
        • Use it on a stock truck to level out the front end
        • Use it on a lifted truck to fine tune your ride height
      • Custom designed isolator secures the bottom of the spring to the ACL which eliminates the metal-on-metal contact creating a quieter, smoother ride
      • Simply replaces lower spring mount with easy bolt-on installation
        • Great when combined with the One Up Offroad ALA™ System
        • All components are zinc treated to exceed OEM standards for corrosion resistance
        • CAD designed and cycled with OEM chassis models to ensure proper fit and clearance
        • Precision CNC machined components ensure the best quality in the industry for perfect fit and finish
        • All Grade 8 hardware and instructions included


Our #105003 Adjustable Coil Levelers were a wonderful success. We moved the inventory so fast we able to increase production quantities to reduce cost. We decided to re-configure and update the design to drive the price down and pass on the savings to our customers! This new revision features higher quality rolled threads on the threaded post rather than machined threads on the post. Rolling the thread was also much more cost-effective at higher volume production. We also switched to retaining nuts rather than the previous custom machined clamp nuts for the height adjusting feature. This is a simpler way to adjust the unit even more like a coilover. The same high quality, well put together kit as before, just reconfigured and simplified to save you some money!

Race truck style coilover technology, with OEM ride quality – who doesn’t want that? With our new Adjustable Coil Levelers (ACL), we bring you the best of both worlds.  The ACL will help you dial in your ride height from 0in to 2.5in. Use it on OEM springs to level your truck or use it on lifted coil springs to get that last little bit of height to achieve the perfect stance.  The new bumper and winch added more weight to the front end? No problem, get that ride height back with the ACL.  Your truck has a lean from side to side? Use the ACL to balance it left to right. With this kit, you aren’t stuck using coilovers to achieve an adjustable ride height.

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Weight 12.00 kg