6in 2.5D Traction Blocks w/ Adjustable Air Bag Bump Stops



#101236 – 6in, 2.5 Degree Traction Block with Adjustable Air Bag Bump Stops

  • Can be used with air bags either inside or outside the frame.
  • Adjustable Bump Stop angle gets your air bag mounts parallel.
  • Adjustable Bump Stop front to back.
  • Includes #101282 – Universal Pin Plate Kit, fits all trucks
  • Fits 3″ springs
  • Updated design features Bump Stop Pad gusset to make an even stronger design.
**Will not fit on F450/F550 OR trucks with 2-1/2in wide springs.**

On a 1999 thru 2007 Ford Superduty, if you have a factory sway bar the bump stop pad on this product could come in contact with your factory sway bar.

  • Bump stop pads are also re-enforced Airbag Mounts
  • Bump stop pads works with all OE and aftermarket bump stops
  • Bump stop pad words with ALL air bags
  • Bump top pad is front to back position and angle adjustable to be able to get any air bag to fit correctly and look parallel at ride height
  • Will work with all floating lower air bag mounting systems

Axle position adjustable front to rear in trucks with single center pins like Superdutys, Chevys & Gen2 Dodges.

Fits all trucks with single or dual center pins.

Dual center pins (like Gen 3+ Dodges and 2014+ F150’s) are not axle position adjustable.

Customizable by install to fit what you need.

Universal applications include:

  • All F150’s with 3in wide springs
  • All Dodge’s with 3in wide springs
  • All Chevy’s with 3in wide springs
  • Solves axle position problems to get the tire centered in the wheel well

DO NOT use with 2.5in wide springs.

Need 2.5 degrees more or less angle? Check out the 101281 Wedge kit that works with this unit.

Width:16.00 (in)
Height:12.00 (in)
Depth:16.00 (in)

Additional information

Weight 48.00 kg


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