Short Gussets Traction Bar Kit w/ Under Frame Mounts, 4.5in Axle Mounts



#800061 – Short Gussets, Under Frame Mounts, 4.5in Axle Mounts

Traction Bar Package Includes:
101010 – Short Gussets
101025 – Under Frame Mounts with 601028 Blind Bolt Kit
101045 – Under Axle Bar Mount
Our traction bars usually don’t fit with oversized fuel tanks.
Knowing your frame mount – Frame mounts come in ‘beside frame’ and ‘under frame’. We determine fitment by where your springs sit compared to where the bracket will be mounted. This is easier to determine when your frame is straight. When the springs are outside of where your bracket will be mounted, we use ‘beside frame’ mounts, when the springs are in-line with where your frame brackets will be mounted, we use ‘under frame’ mounts. Under frame mounts can be used in the place of beside frame mounts and vice versa, but we feel it doesn’t present the correct look. The other option you must consider is your mounting bolts. We offer standard Grade 8 hex bolts and nuts, best for use with open frames where you will be able to access the nuts or Blind Bolts. Blind bolts can be installed in a closed frame where there is no access to the back of the bolt, but the bolts need to be retorqued a few times before they are maintenance free. Standard bolts can be used on a closed frame, but the frame will need to be tapped. With either frame mount you can skip the bolts all-together and weld on the brackets, but please be sure to check the instruction packet for details!
Frame Mount Kits:
101020 – Beside Frame with Standard Bolts
101021 – Beside Frame with Blind Bolts
101022 – Under Frame with Standard Bolts
101025 – Under Frame with Blind Bolts
101024 – Beside Frame with Standard Bolts – Short flange for Narrow Frames
Knowing your traction bar – Short Gusset (101010) or Long Gusset (101011) bars function the same. It all comes down to your aesthetic preference. Many people prefer a short gusset on a stock or lowered vehicle and a long gusset on a lifted vehicle, but both bars will look good in any application.
Knowing your axle mount – Axle mounts are made to fit different diameters (or shapes) of axles. The axle size that is referenced is the diameter of the axle tube. One Up Offroad also offers weld-on mounts for some U-Bolt up applications. We always recommend verifying your axle tube diameter before purchase.
Common Axle Mounts:
101032 – Weld-On, Standard HP, Axle Size: 3-1/2” to 4”
101040 – Bolt-On, Axle Size: 3-1/4” and 3-3/8”
101043 – Bolt-On, Axle Size: Dana 110 Square Axle
101044 – Bolt-On, Axle Size: 3-1/2” to 4”
101045 – Bolt-On, Axle Size: 4-1/2”
Truck Specific Axle Mounts:
101030 – Weld-On, High HP, Axle Size: 3-1/2” to 4” – Lowered Trucks Only
101041 – Bolt-On under OE Bottom Plate, specific to 2017+ SD

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