Pitman Arm Nut Wrench, 2in for OUO Nut



#101341 – Pitman Arm Wrench, 2in

  • Use with our #101343 OUO Custom Pitman Arm Nut
  • To use for installation of the OUO Chromoly Pitman Arm Nut, the track rod bracket will need to be removed
  • A Torque Wrench much be used to tighten the nut to minimum 425 ft/lbs, maximum 500 ft/lbs.

Why do we make this?

You need to get 400 foot-pounds on your pitman arm but you don’t have a 2in socket. This will amplify your torque wrench to get higher torque.

Use this torque wrench calculator app to get your corrected torque.

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg