#105544 2.5in-4.5in Lift Kit, Steady Axis™, 05+ Axle Conversion – Builder



This Kit Includes*:

  • 105065 Track Rod
  • 105088 Track Rod Bracket
  • 101532 Dual Steering Stabilizer Backet Kit
  • 106204 10in Fox Steering Stabilizer (Qty. 2)
  • 601132 Sway Bar Kit
  • Choice of Radius Arm Drops

Converts 1999-2004 to 2005+ Axle

*Not all parts shown in truck photos may be included.

*This kit only contains front truck components; you must add rear components separately if desired. This excludes a shock package, a shock package, if added, will include front and rear shocks.*

If you are lifting the front of your truck over 2.5 inches you will need rear lift components.

Along with these OUO parts you will need other base conversion components to install a 2005 axle in 1999-2004 truck:

  • New factory shock towers from Ford: Right 5C3Z5793CA, Left 5C3Z5A306CA, or in a Kit #101324.
  • Complete donor axle 2005 or newer axle, including stock track rod, drag link, radius arms, shocks and springs
  • If running a sway bar, you must use a 2005-2007 Ford F250 Super Duty 4wd, a Stock Ford 5C3Z-5482-DA or Hellwig Item #7676
  • If using a 2005-2007 Ford F250 Super Duty 4wd axle, 2005 – 2007 sway bar links 6C3Z-5K483-AA will be needed
  • 2008 – 2010 axles will use Ford YC3Z-5K483-AA  or 7C3Z-5K483-A 2008 – 2010 sway bar links
  • 2011+ axles will use OUO #601075 sway bar links
  • Front pitman will need to be reamed to fit drag link joint: All-star Performance #ALL11170
  • 1999-2004 Front drive shaft will need to be shortened; 2005+ shafts are a possible fit without modifications
  • A dual steering stabilizer kit must be used with this conversion. OUO #101532 and OUO #106001 are shown in the images of this install [#101532 inluded in this kit]

Additional information

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